2023 GOALS

I love setting goal for the year, it helps me stay focused and move forward.

This is a list of goals I have set for the year 2023 and as the year progresses, I'll be marking the ones I have achieved to see how much I'm able to get done in a year. 

Do you set goals? If yes, tell me about them.


1.     I have been planning a series of 4 novellas for quite some time now but didn’t get around to writing it because I have this fear inside of me that readers are not going to like novellas – esp with the reviews I got for Darling, Dance with Me. I have stopped myself from writing those books, but no more. This year, I’ll at least have the first draft of two of those books.

2.     Publish one of the novellas. I want to at least publish one of the novellas in the series I’m planning.

3.     Get all the book covers in the novella series done.

4.     Revamp Silent Music paperback book cover. I haven’t been happy with the previous covers of Silent Music, so I’ll be trying out an illustration one next year and see how that one fares.

5.     Take a course on developmental editing. I feel I have so much to learn about writing and editing. So, this year I’ll be investing in developmental editing courses.

6.     Participate in one anthology. I’m a slow writer so I can barely write one book in a year but since I’m writing novellas, I’ll see if I can take part in at least one anthology. 

7.     Quit my job…lol. I have this on my list every year but I can’t quit my job because it’s what pays my bills. But I still keep it on my list.

8.     Learn driving – I don’t like driving but I know it’s a necessity so 2023 will be the year.

I have a good feeling about 2023. So, I'm hoping to cross almost all of them off my list. So, we'll see.

With love,

Aisling Magie