Until one December
when I wave at him,
and our love story begins.
Angsty Romcom Holiday Romance
This Christmas, Aisling Magie brings you a cute, heartwarming novel with a sprinkle of heartache, all wrapped up in tinsel.
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I write stories about people falling in love.
Welcome to my digital diary. I'm a twenty-something author who can either be found writing about people falling in love or have my nose buried in a book well past my bedtime. I enjoy reading my favorite books (again and again), also chocolate, cello music, rainy nights, long drives and traveling to new places.
I have a tiny backlist, but I do hope you find something that'll capture your heart.


"Aisling Magie gives us a romantic comedy, full of sweetness, sexual tension and all the emotions."

(Praise for 'Darling, Dance with Me')


"A story that I won't forget easily, different kind of emotions and it's surprising that it's her debut book at how well written it was and how the writing is so lyrical."

(Praise for 'Silent Music')


"It is a story of heartbreak and hope and love and the power of music!"

(Praise for 'Silent Music')

25 Readings Or More

"This book is fantastic: funny, easy to read, sweet, with a little angsty moment that made my heart beating faster.."

(Praise for 'Darling, Dance with Me')


Silent Music has always been very special to me. It is the book that got me most of my readers. It is the book that people message me after reading. It is the book that made readers share precious moments of their life with me. It is the book that gave hope to some of you—and therefore, it is a book that I felt needed…

2023 GOALS

I love setting goal for the year, it helps me stay focused and move forward. This is a list of goals I have set for the year 2023 and as the year progresses, I'll be marking the ones I have achieved to see how much I'm able to get done in a year.  Do you set goals? If yes, tell me about them.   1.       I have…

RELEASE BLITZ: My December Balcony Neighbor by Aisling Magie

This Christmas, Aisling Magie brings you a cute, heartwarming novel with a sprinkle of heartache, all wrapped up in tinsel. Every December, Era rents the apartment opposite mine and stays there until the end of the month. At night, he sits on his balcony rails and plays his guitar, and I curl up in my hanging chair, c…


(*subject to change after editing) Once done, I fill my watering can and walk to the balcony to water my winter plants but stop dead in my tracks. I see my balcony neighbor, and he’s so perfect that I have to linger and admire. His curly hair is pulled back and tied up in a bun. His beard is messy and in need of a p…

Somewhere Between Hello and Goodbye: Release Blitz

BLURB Hansel I never knew I needed her until she came into my life—my beautiful stranger. Bowie was everything I wasn’t. Free. Impulsive. Carefree. With a common destination, we embarked on a road trip. Little did I know, my life was about to change forever. Bowie I never thought he’d become more than a stranger—my …

My December Balcony Neighbour

And the title says it all. I HAVE A CHRISTMAS NOVEL COMING THIS DECEMBER!!! It's always been a dream to write a Christmas Novel and I'm finally doing it. This book will release December 1st, 2022. BLURB This Christmas, Aisling Magie brings you  a cute, heartwarming novel with a sprinkle of heartache , all wrap…