Silent Music has always been very special to me. It is the book that got me most of my readers. It is the book that people message me after reading. It is the book that made readers share precious moments of their life with me. It is the book that gave hope to some of you—and therefore, it is a book that I felt needed a cover that represented Phoenix's and Kai's story better.


He can never let her go … 

Phoenix and Kai. Their story was simple.
They met in the park.
They connected through music.
They fell in love.
Nothing could separate them.

But destiny did.

When an accident tears them apart, Phoenix finds herself lost in a coma. It’s been two years but Kai is still holding hope. Each week, he comes to visit her at the hospital, and reads an event from her diary, keeping her alive through her written memories.
He sings the songs they wrote. Reminisces about the moments they spent together and misses the kisses they shared. But with each new day, Phoenix is slipping further away.

Will Phoenix wake up? And if she does wake up, will she be the same Phoenix Kai loves?

Sometimes, waking up is only the beginning.